BRAC University—select steel floor deck of Solideck

Solideck signs contract to supply steel floor deck to Dhaka University in Bangladesh in 2019.

BRAC university project conditions

Dhaka university is the best university in Bangladesh, is a very old educational institution, established in 1921.this is the first university project to select steel floor deck of Solideck.This project will build a 13-story modern teaching building with a main structure of steel structure for BRAC University. BARC University City is located in the center of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. It is one of the few steel-structured buildings in Bangladesh and will become a landmark building in Dhaka upon completion.

Steel floor deck profile

Solideck undertook the technical, production and transportation work of the metal deck. The technical aspects include the preliminary planning and design of the composite metal deck, the mid-term layout design, and the later on-site metal deck installation consultation and technical work; during the processing process, random inspections by customers, random inspections by third-party testing agencies, and product packaging and transportation are all adopted. With pictures and on-site videos, customers can effectively understand each node.

The BRAC university project selects the composite metal deck with a specification of SD53-600 and an area of about 25,000 m2. SD53-600 is the composite metal deck .which is used in many major projects.The construction period is from August 2019 to August 2020. Customers also greatly appreciate the capabilities of Solideck metal deck in all aspects, and at the same time, they have strengthened cooperation in subsequent projects.