Steel deck Initial plan

Listen to the needs of customers, including product functions, uses, quantity, budget, and delivery time, we can initially make customer product plans and help customers select materials, specifications, etc.,and determine the steel deck type we also provide samples and make comparison with plans for customer. We can work with customers to fix suitable purchase plan.

Steel decking technical Guidance Program

Accompany with steel decking, there are detailed installation instructions, protection measures and safety requirements. In addition, the company can choose online technical guidance or on-site guidance. The online technical guidance includes video conference, installation video and vedio of product Protection requirements etc.

Steel deck technical requirements in the early stage of the order

According to the preliminary plan, after the contract is signed, we will  provide the corresponding preliminary steel deck design drawings and related calculations base on customer’s local building code.

Steel decking Shipping and Packaging Solutions

Solideck is in Shanghai, the economic capital of China, transportation is convenience, internationalization is strong, and efficiency is high.

Shanghai has a very convenient advantage of sea, land and air transportation, and can reach every corner of the world. Solideck can formulate corresponding transportation plans according to customers’ purchase requirements, saving freight and shortening delivery time.

Regarding packaging, Solideck has many years of overseas supply experience, and has different solutions for packaging of steel decking , which can not only protect the finished product, but also prevent accidents during transportation, and can reduce costs.