Solideck and Nuka reached cooperation of steel floor deck

In 2018, Mr. Roy of Solideck communicated with Mr.Mohamed in the United Arab Emirates and reached an agreement on further cooperation of steel floor deck.

About Nuka company

Mr. Mohamed is the procurement manager of Nuka Company in the United Arab Emirates. Nuka is the largest construction company in the central part of the United Arab Emirates. It has built many important projects in the Middle East. With the development of the local economy, there are more and more steel structure projects, and the demand for steel floor decks is growing rapidly.

Steel floor deck cooperation

Both parties reached a preliminary agreement, and Solideck and Nuka Company reached a strategic cooperation. For the metal composite deck required in Nuka’s engineering projects, Solideck’s products were considered first, and Solideck provided preferential prices and good technical services. Solideck not only provides products for partners, but also provides technical support for metal composite deck. It intervenes in relevant projects in advance to help customers reduce costs and provide the best technical solutions. In addition, Solideck is considered to establish metal composite deck factories and relevant service centers in the local area.

In addition, Solideck welcomes Mr. Mohamed and Nuka colleagues to visit Solideck at an appropriate time.